How to know if you’ve met the right one – CNN host, Zain Asher reveals

CNN host, Zain Asher and her husband Steve Peoples are celebrating one year of being married and in an Instagram post she made, she revealed how one can if one has met the right one.

According to Zain Asher, once an individual meets the right one, they will not only connect romantically, but spiritually and emotionally. And they can also know if
they are with the right one when the relationship is bettering the world around them

How do you know if you’ve met “the one?” Simple. If, on some level, your relationship has made the world around you a better place. If both of you unblock the sunlight of each other’s spirit, allowing each other’s souls to sing. If both of you challenge each other to grow spiritually, creatively, emotionally.

I can honestly say I am a much better person because of who I married. My husband has taught me the importance of gratitude, the power of forgiveness and no matter what, to always err on the side of generosity. I love you baby! Happy one year anniversary ?#anniversary #married



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