Endsars – Death Toll Now 73 With 205 Police Stations Burnt

  -71 public warehouses, 248 private stores looted -IG to policemen: With 22 personnel killed, defend yourselves when attacked -Obong of Calabar: Ayade’s insensitivity fuelled Cross River’s violence By Kingsley Nwezeh in Abuja, Segun James in Lagos and Bassey Inyang in Calabar

Beyoncé and Jay-Z just surprised the world with a new album and music video

Wonders never cease when it comes to Beyoncé and Jay-Z. Without warning (not that anyone is complaining), the pair released an album with nine new songs onto Tidal on the evening of Saturday, 16 June. The album was released during the couple’s
second night in London for their On the Run II tour. The pair played it quite low-key when, during their concert, they simply put up a sign on the giant LED display that read “Album Out Now.”

The album, titled Everything Is Love, came complete with a teaser video and new Instagram posts from Beyoncé. The teaser video was posted to YouTube as well and Bey’s Instagram. The video shows a young man wearing a pair of angel wings, crouched with his head hanging. The camera cuts and we see Beyoncé and Jay-Z in the Louvre, standing in front of the Mona Lisa. As the camera cuts again, we see shots of choreographed dance numbers with a troupe of female dancers in various formations across some of the most famous, art-lined hallways in the world. For the duration of the teaser, fans can hear a snippet of Beyoncé performing the second song off the album, “Apes**t.”

In addition to the teaser video, Beyoncé also posted the album artwork for fans to sneak a peek at. In the photo, a young black woman stands behind a young black man – who is looking directly into the camera – as she combs out his hair. The couple is placed, once again, in front of the Mona Lisa.

Oh, and speaking of "Apes**t," the couple dropped the six-minute music video for that song, too. Also released on Tidal and YouTube, the “Apes**t” video returns to the Louvre and expands on the images seen in the teaser video.

At the time of reporting, Everything Is Love is only available for streaming on Tidal.



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