7 Beauty Hacks That Every Lazy Girl Needs

If you can’t buy it, just hack it!

 Gone are the days when women couldn’t look their best because they’re running late or ran out of one beauty product or the other. If you’re simply lazy, then this beauty hack will save your slay any day
any time:

1. Winged eyeliner look
Get a spoon and place the curve of the spoon on your eye. Follow that with your eyeliner. For the winged liner, use the other end of the spoon to get a perfect line. Alternatively, you can use a debit card to make your winged portion.

2. Gunky Mascara
Simply place your mascara in a warm place like your bra (while you’re wearing it) for 10 minutes to get de-gunked mascara.

3. Contour trick
Learning to contour? An easy trick for contouring is to draw the number three on your face and contour the lines.

4. Mascara as Eyeliner
If you ever run out of liquid eyeliner, simply dip your mascara spoolie into the mascara case. Bring it out and use your eyeliner brush to get some mascara to apply as a liner.

5. Long lasting lipstick
Simply hold a tissue over your fresh lipstick applied lips and dust a translucent powder over it. Your lipstick will last all day.

6. Bad hair day
If you’re running late and don’t have time to do your hair properly especially if you have on natural hair, simply tie a turban and you’re good to go.

7. Thick eyelashes
If you want fuller and thicker eyelashes, simply apply some baby powder to your lashes in between mascara applications. This will give your eyelashes volume.



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