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Linda ikeji: the secret of blogging

I thought blogging is just a hobby; a personal journal for those who love writing or publishing their passion online – photography, videos, gossips, sports and the likes. At best it could
be a source of passive income and perhaps, good for small time businesses – for attracting prospective customers. But am I wrong?

Well, if what you are asking is: Does blogging bring regular and lucrative income? Then I would like you to ask Linda Ikeji. She has stories to tell about blogging that would blow your mind.

Linda Ikeji’s blog made over N32 million from advertisers in 2014. Is that a chicken change? The enviable lady is taking a cruise everyday on her 24 million worth Range Rover jeep (2014 Model), by blogging lifestyle online. So stop kidding, blogging is become a serious profession, made free online. By that I mean you can employ yourself blogging your passion and smiling to the bank each week.

What I think you should be asking is this, how does Linda make this huge amount of money blogging? I know many bloggers are still aloof as to why their blog hasn’t made one Naira even though they have tried Adsense, Affiliate marketing, Advertising and the like. Then, Linda must be a miracle worker.

Ok, let me share her little secret, ‘how and why’ she made so much money in 2014.

How Linda Ikeji’s Blog Made So Much Money in 2014

1.     Sponsor A Post: During the year, Linda Ikeji’s Blog signed a N5 million contract with MerryBet, for weekly advertorial posts on the blog. This is just one out of the many sponsor-A -post deals the blog got this year, worth over N8 million.

2.     Direct  Wallpaper Advert: Top class brands like Guinness Stout, Orijin, Hyndai, Dettol ran their Wallpaper ads (Backdrop) on Linda Ikeji’s blog background several months, with a cumulative worth of over N10 million.

3.     Direct Sidebar Advert: Most top class brand events – musical, Comedy, fashion, nollywood, seminars, sports or even new product launches has found advertising on Linda Ikeji’s blog side bar every effective. The blog sidebar advert rate between $80 to $100 per month, depending on dimension and positioning on the blog and in 2014, it made a cumulative revenue worth over N8 million.

4.     Affiliate Marketing: Linda Ikeji’s blog got a monthly cheque of over $4000 commission promoting products on Jumia, Konga, Dealday, OLX and other retail stores online. The blog made over half a million per month and over N7 million per annum from Affiliate marketing.

Why Advertisers Rush to Linda Ikeji’s Blog?

Linda Ikeji’s Blog has become a must read for most millennial in Nigeria, both at home and in Diaspora. For the trendy big chicks, is become a necessary ‘drink’ at breakfast, lunch and dinner. Some of them have really become the blog addicts.

Linda Ikeji’s blog currently hits an average of 250, 000 page view per day, higher than Vanguard online and Punch online – Alexa ranked it better than any other blog or website in Nigeria. This is essentially what advertisers saw, how the blog attract a lot of traffic in their target market.

Linda is an insider in the Nigeria entertainment industry – Fashion, music, nollywood, sports… So she gets all the gist first hand, hot and sizzling as well as be the first to publish it on her blog.

Well, Linda can be silly sometimes trying to play pranks on her readers. Her sense of humor and how she communicate it on her blog has endeared many to her. I hear she now has undercover reporters, you how the gossip thing is. Well, that’s what success can bring.



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