Former niger Delta militants have said the Federal Government and the Niger Delta Development Commission (NDDC) must carry them along to show their sincerity about the development of the region.

They made this call in Port Harcourt on Wednesday when they
met with the leadership of the Niger Delta Peace Campaign for Development Network.

A former agitator, Abiodun Edah said the adminstration of former President Goodluck Jonathan involved them in the security of the waterways.

“The idea of giving peace a chance is a welcome development. But I believe that if the Federal Government and the NDDC are serious to develop the region, they must involve us and not to see us as those who are not part of the development agenda in the region.

“Apart from the ex-agitators, the youths and community leaders must be carried along if we are to achieve peace in the region. When the former President, Goodluck Jonathan, was there, he partnered with us to watch over waterways and other surveillance contacts,” he said.

Tommy Dore, who is also a former militant in the region, urged the NDDC to ensure that everybody benefitted from their empowerment programmes.

Dores said, “We are in support of any peace move in Niger Delta. If the President (Muhammadu Buhari) is visiting the region, all leaders, including the community leaders, should be invited and not to leave them behind.

“The NDDC should allow everybody to benefit from any empowerment programme such as skills acquisition, scholarship and the rest of them. The issue of filling these positions and opportunities with the names of their family members and relatives should stop because there is need to reposition the NDDC.”



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