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4-year-old Girl Brutally Beaten
The tough economic situation in the country has really gotten to some people’s brains. While some Nigerians are trying very hard to remain calm under the prevailing circumstances, some others have decided to take
out their frustration on the people around them.

A Facebook user, Emmanuel Ebuka, who resides in Port Harcourt has shared hard-to-believe pictures of a 4-year-old girl brutally beaten for misplacing her slippers, a very unbelievable reason.

The little child was said to have received the beating of her life from a man reported to be her father just because she misplaced a pair of slippers he bought for her.
For God’s sake, children are children and they must act like it! It’s true they can do some silly things sometimes but they do these things simply out of their innocence and naivety, not to hurt anyone. If all parents punish their kids this way because of the little childish mistakes they make, then I wonder if there’ll be people to continue the human race.

We all know the situation of things in Nigeria at the moment, so it’s possible the man in question managed to squeeze out some money to purchase a pair of slippers for his daughter, but that is none of the child’s business!

On a second thought I’m led to question if the man is the biological father of the 4-year-old victim because I don’t think any man will go to this extent to correct his own child. This is nothing but child abuse and he shouldn’t get away with it.

I wonder how a man who can manhandle a girl-child like this will treat his wife! Please, no matter how badly life has treated you, don’t unleash your frustration on a defenseless child. In case you don’t know, they always remember!



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