Endsars – Death Toll Now 73 With 205 Police Stations Burnt

  -71 public warehouses, 248 private stores looted -IG to policemen: With 22 personnel killed, defend yourselves when attacked -Obong of Calabar: Ayade’s insensitivity fuelled Cross River’s violence By Kingsley Nwezeh in Abuja, Segun James in Lagos and Bassey Inyang in Calabar


Sassy, sexy and multi-talented entertainer, D’lyte is well known for her unique fashion and style sense.
She revealed to Ifeoma Ononye how she gets inspired to look great every passing day. The ‘Super Woman’ crooner also cleared the controversial issues surrounding her seductive pictures as well as other issues bordering her career.
Can you tell us the full meaning of your name? The name D’lyte came from Atupa which means lantern in Yoruba and lantern generates light.
       Light is energy, which brings joy, and happiness. My real name is Stella which also has to do with Light and shinning stars.
When did it occur to you that music is what you will love to do? ? I had always loved music and I knew from my primary school days that I was going to be fully involved in music. I was the leader of a cultural group in school and had always written songs and change the lyrics of popular songs.
Some believe your music career is moving in a slow pace, unlike other ladies in the industry that you started before,
why is it so? God is always faithful, I get more shows outside Lagos. Besides, I have ‘D’lyte and the Stars’ which took place on
Easter Monday 28 March at Esportas suites and resorts. It was a live Concert that gives room for fresh stars to project their talents and tap from the success of their favourite celebrities. I’m always busy with shows and events. Artistes go through much stress and after producing good songs you have to spend a lot on promotions to be heard.
       It is not an easy task at all. We all have our different timing and the sky is big enough for everyone. The music industry is not like before where good music sell itself. Now even wacky music will be on everyone’s lips once it’s properly pushed, but I believe with time the music industry will be balanced. It is often rumoured that some female musician do all sorts to get to the top of their career.
How much of this were you into? No, never. My integrity will not allow me. Then my love and fear of God will not let me stoop low just to get to the top. Well, everyone in different industry do all sorts, yes, but for me I am naturally strong , creative and I have God whom I trust Completely , he has never failed me and will not start now, so why will I want to stoop low. I have been in the game for long and I am still moving nonstop from music to business and events Management. Hard work pays and patience matters a lot.
Tell us about your fashion and style?. Simplicity works for me and nude makeup, less jewelries. For me simplicity is just the way out. I like standing out.
I noticed you love very long weave on or human hair, are they expensive? ? Yes I love weaves, braids, they are nice and lovely. They are also less stressful because I am actually not a fan of weave-on, though it suits me but my braid works better for me. Braids mean no combing. Just wake up in the morning, shower, cream your braids and boom, off you go for the day.
And yes I love them long, very long. You have a special costume for your stage performance, they are usually sexy.
Does that reflect your personality off stage or is it just for the audience? I just like to look good on stage and outside stage.
How do you maintain your skin in this hot weather? Truly I don’t focus much on my Skin but I know for sure that I avoid the sun totally and any harsh skin products. You sure know how to flaunt your beautiful skin in what you wear.
tell us how sexy an outfit must be before it attracts you to buy it? An outfit must be fitted, have some abnormal designs and all before it will attract me.
Do you believe sexy means exposing your body? Nope, sexiness doesn’t mean you have to expose your body. Sexiness it starts from the inside and comes with style. You also love boots.
how many do you have in your wardrobe? I love boots but I use it more when I am outside Nigeria and it depends on the weather. I sometimes use the ankle boots on stage, I have a truckload of them.
Make up, shoes, clothes and long weave-on or wigs, which populates your wardrobe more? I don’t like wigs and I am not much a makeup fan. I have more of clothes and shoes.



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